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LHC Privacy Policy

This policy operates under General Data Protection Regulations.  It does not affect your statutory rights.


  1. LHC will not pass an individual’s data to other organisations or individuals outside the Club without permission.

  2.  LHC will hold an individual’s data indefinitely.

  3.  For members and the previous year's members, LHC considers contact for normal Club purposes (eg administration, membership notices) as legitimate interest under GDPR.  For all (including former members) LHC considers occasional contact concerning significant news about the Club or individuals as legitimate interest.  The LHC may contact any recipient in matters of legitimate interest but contact only those who have given permission under GDPR in other matters.

  4.  When membership ceases, any explicit consent given by the member becomes void but may be renewed by the member.

As amended 21 August 2023 LHC

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