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  Our Centenary season continues ....

President's Ball

 7 pm to 11 pm

 Saturday 17 February 2024


Robert Whitehead & the

Danelaw Band

 MC  Simon Wales

 Dances will be recapped

 Tickets: £25, Members £22

 Price includes buffet supper

 Lower Hall, St Columba's,

 Pont Street, London SW1X 0BD

Acive dancing - edited_edited_edited_edi
Band & lines of dancers - edited_edited.
K Smith, A-L Latour & David Hall_edited_

MC Rose Kreloff with Keith Smith, Anne-Laure Latour      & David Hall playing at our Christmas Dance 2023

         Come and join us for our

President's Ball on 17 February 2024

      LHC's Scottish country dancing in London

You can order your tickets by phone or email and pay by bank transfer

  LHC President's Ball, 17 February 2024 programme:

J   The Lady Wynd

R  Spring Fling Reel

S  The Dundee Whaler

J   New Year Jig

R  The Recumbent Stone

S  Slytherin House

J   The Galloping Carousel

S  The Valentine

J   Farewell to Balfour Road

R  The Ambassadors' Reel

R  The Lochalsh Reel

S  Kilkenny Castle

J   Spiffin'

R  The Earl of Mansfield

S  The Paisley Weavers

J   The Diamond Jubilee

R  Sleepy Maggie

S  Indian River Strathspey

J   Chased Lovers

R  Da Rain Dancin'

 Extras: The Starry Eyed Lassie, The Sailor

Dances will be recapped

Screenshot 2023-10-25 185018_edited_edit
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